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To Tell the story right, you need to know some history about us...

Hot Media Group was first founded in the year 2000 by Branden deBuhr with the purpose of creating an online internet community of people that are obsessed with their prized posessions...  Their cars, trucks, hot rods, boats, motorcycles, rv's, atv's, sailboats, yachts and even their work vehicles and equipment.  It was all brought together in a system called Hot Media Deals.  However all the excitement happens within each individual website!  Branden for example spends most of his time on the boating site.   On HotBoatDeals.com Branden has over 100 photo albums with more than 15000 pictures, 500 boating videos, and more to share with the world!  The Hot Media Deals system is continually growing, expanding it's features and becoming even more powerful and popular day by day.  

The Hot Media Group, or Deals sites which were originally launched on 9/11/2001 were not an overnight success due to the economic climate of that time, but are well on their way now as the company has been studying and learning about how the search engines work for more than 10 years now.  Much more so in the last year however due to the fact that we've learned specifically the most important factor by which the search engines gage us all by.  Instead of simply keeping those trade secrets to ourselves, we offer to teach other business owners as well how to get their businesses back on top of the world!  We do this in a face to face training session so that you can get your questions answered on the spot, rather than having to sit through a video or finding and reading a book or online site.

Many business owners say that they are getting at least a few to several calls per day or week from people offering to Optimize their websites for them!  We've found that nearly 97% of all businesses we've researched are missing these most important factors for how the search engines are ranking or determining who comes first in the search results.  Thats where we come in.  

We work with business owners to teach and analyze:

  • what your website is doing right and wrong

  • how the search engines work

  • why seo experts say that your website isn't optimized

  • how you can gage your own position

  • how to research your competition

  • how to target specific keywords

  • how to target customers by geographic locations

  • what to do that will fix the problem

  • what opportunities to take advantage of that will help your website ranking

  • what opportunities to NOT do that will hurt your website ranking

  • how to make intelligent decisions that will help your business!

What you will take away from this training session is that there is in fact work to be done.  It is not an impossible thing to do, it is not very technical but simply takes time.  It is something that you can very easily do yourself if you regiment around 10 minutes per day for the next few weeks to months at most.  As time goes on, you will have full knowledge of how to keep your business working well and making more money since the people can now find you online! 

To take advantage of this teaching and training session, please call our main number on the contact page to set up an appointment.  We can hold the meeting at either our offices or at yours, or if out of state over the phone. 

If you would simply prefer to have the work done for you to fix the problem, ask us about our "meal plans".  Otherwise, if your business is in need of a website presence, read on...

Sometimes we do come across businesses that also need new websites built for them.  Lucky for them we have both prebuilt and custom websites to offer them.  Each and every site is fully dynamic and is made specifically for that customer.  For customers needing a basic presence that has all on site optimization features already built in we have the DotComd.com  system.  If someone needs to register a domain name, we run a domain name service called FunDNS.com

DotComd - Makes it possible and very easy for ANYONE to get online.  We don't mean surfing the internet, we mean getting a web site online.  And in under 24 hours.  All you have to do is choose your domain name, tell us which type of site you need and our technicians do all the hard parts.  In less than 24 hours later we call to walk you through how to administer and add content to your new Internet web site.  This exact web site is an actual DOTCOMD web site.  Just like one you could have for your own business or personal need.  We have three levels of sites.  Basic, Standard, and Custom.  All three sites use the same system for administering their content.  Basic comes with no graphics supplied by us.   The standard which is 90% of our existing customers which has custom template graphics provided according to your specifications or requests.  The custom sites take all functionality of the basic and standard, but we fully customize all display templates to your own specific taste whereas the basic and standard sites use shared display files with everyone else.   

FunDNS - FunDNS.com is our registrar for getting that special domain name you need to insure the success of your business.  ALL domain names cost under $10.00 per year.  Other services include Email, Static web site hosting, Traffic Blazer Search Engine Submission, Private Registrations, Domain Alert, Federal Copyright Protection, Cash Payments, Stealth Ray and much much more!

Be sure to check out all our links and information. We hope your experience with Hot Media Group will be both enlightening and educational. Let us know how we may be of assistance to your own projects and goals.

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