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  • - Hot Media Group has created 15 vehicle classifieds and social networking sites centered all around the bigger toys we are all enslaved to.  Our automotive site, is now a social networking automotive website in which all our free members can come to create their own website pages, photo and video albums, blogs, participate in forums, or sell their car using the our classified ads system.  Each individual vehicle for sale can be created to show as many pictures and videos as a customer would want to use to properly show their car for sale.   Each and every ad a customer posts can be entered completely free, or if the member elects to, can pay for higher or top position of any single individual ad.  This heightened position or service level applies to the ad for the life of the ad.  Dealerships can participate in our feed system for as little as $50 per month to have all inventory data updated automatically on a daily basis.  The dealer can also participate in the service level system but must bid on service levels on a daily basis for their entire inventory list if using our feed system.  If the dealer is entering their inventory manually, each individual ad can carry with it the same service level settings as if they were a private seller.   Each buyer can view up to date information on what there is available locally posted by the seller themselves. And listed elsewhere around the world.

  • is a online website content management system where anyone with a dot com idea, or need for a business website can get a website in which they can control themselves!  All you pay is an annual hosting fee + an initial setup fee!!!  Provide your own graphics or have us build custom artwork to match your business identity.  Brockmeyer Equipment was the very first of these self maintained DotComd customer websites utilizing the power of our dealership features. The thing that makes this so special is that they don't have to deal with the burden of paying for an expensive stand alone website with all the same features,  Or to have to deal with a cheap site built by a friend or neighbor that has no real functionality or ongoing support & improvements.  Notice when you browse Jim Brockmeyer's site that you will never see someone else's domain name in the address window. This means that dealers like Jim can advertise the website and optimize it without worrying about his customers leaving because of a hidden or obvious link in his site to a competitor. 

  • Hot Media Group is now offering to teach business owners how to grow their visibility online!  Too often we see businesses that have great websites talking about having them redone over and over again simply because they aren't getting enough traffic or more to the point, that they can't be found on the search engines!  What they are lacking is some simple search engine optimization work.  Most of these businesses believe that because they may have paid someone years ago to already "optimize" their site that the work is already done!  For today's standards and how the search engines are positioning these businesses, if the business owners simply need to understand how they work!  That's what we do!  Learn More...

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